The twenty-first century is a time of extremely dynamic development of new technologies and groundbreaking discoveries in science. It is also a time of mass production and mediocrity that follows it. The furniture market is hence flooded with the same replicated patterns. Interior design we offer in and around Wroclaw is a kind of cure for these problems of the modern world, at least on the local market. We not only create unique spaces, we also fill them up with beautiful objects.

Klosinscy Design specializes in custom furniture design and production in and outside Wroclaw. A good interior cannot exist without functional, personalized furniture. We believe that it is not an art to stuff a large apartment with ready-made solutions from a chain store. The artistic vision of a good designer entails also the ability to use small spaces and squeeze everything that is good out of them, as if they were lemons. We have many years of experience on the Wroclaw market. This allows us to create beautiful and practical interiors whenever and wherever furniture plays the main role.

The question is, when is it not true? In our opinion, it is the furniture that determines the utility and visual value of every living and usable space.

Why should you choose a custom design?

It is true that finding a furniture store is often easier than finding a newsagent’s with just-issued newspapers. However, is it good practice to use ready-made solutions? It depends, however, it often turns out that betting on those is neither time-saving nor penny-wise. Hence it is beneficial to invest your attention in the subject of custom interior and furniture design.

Of course you can try to design and arrange your space yourself – surely, we all have inexhaustible layers of creativity. However, vivid imagination is not everything. Therefore, it is worth entrusting this task to our Wroclaw professionals who have spent a large part of their lives creating unique furniture. However, we do not deny that the use of interior design programs by our customers is a mistake. It may turn out that a simple project they create in such program tells us more about their expectations and taste than a thousand of words. This will be the initial vision on which we will build the rest. An important starting point is also determining the function of the room. It depends on the environmental conditions which materials the furniture will be designed from. For example humidity expected in the bathroom requires a slightly different approach than the air-conditioned living room.

Unique spaces thanks to furniture design

Just as there are no two identical sets of genes in the world, neither are there two identical designs in our studio’s portfolio. This does not mean, however, that if you had got to like some elements of our projects, we can’t implement them again. However, each interior is different. Additionally, we encourage you to not just rely on our examples. Interior designs that can be found on Pinterest are a great source of inspiration. However, regardless of whether you have your idea or you want to rely only on our creativity, we believe that it is best to choose a customized solution. A villa, residence or a small studio apartment – each of these interiors deserves individual approach. Moreover, the smaller the area, the more essential it is to use each meter of the space wisely.

Well-fitted furniture will allow you to enjoy practicality also in really small spaces.