Our origins date back to 1991, when Wanzbig, the precursor company, was founded.

The owner of the plant – carpentry master Zbigniew Klosinski – and his wife established their business, and like many other enterprises of the 90s, theirs began in the backyard basement. They expanded their workspace in 1996, which enabled them to equip it with more sophisticated specialized carpentry machines.

In Poland year 1997 was marked by the catastrophic Flood of the Millennium. Wanzbig was among thousands of companies and households which underwent a complete devastation. The plant’s machinery park and the warehouse were completely flooded, including ready custom-made products for the clients. Luckily, after four months, Klosinscy already managed to successfully reboot the business. In 2004, thanks to Poland joining the European Union, the company also began to accept and finalize orders from outside the country.

At the beginning of 2010 the company welcomed a new member, the son of the owners – Jakub, whose task became to deal with the marketing and advertising. This allowed the company to attract new contractors, both in Poland and Europe. The carpentry experience gained at Wanzbig enabled him to become a specialist in the custom-made furniture industry.

In 2016, the owners’ daughter, Agnieszka, joined the team and took care of arranging and designing interiors and gardens. Thanks to numerous specialized trainings she gained additional experience in the field of furniture accessories and custom-made furniture.

Currently, the company has grown to 200 square meters of usable space, which includes machinery, paint shop and two offices.

Klosinscy Design is the quintessence of years of work of all family members and our team at the carpentry shop. We offer our knowledge and experience to our clients by carrying out numerous projects and producing premium class custom-made furniture.