Home is a place where you want to feel free and safe. Properly managed space filled with tasteful furnishings will help you create a unique atmosphere in both a small apartment and a large size home. Even the smallest decoration chosen according to your character and preferences matched with perfectly executed furniture will make the apartment take on character and will harmonize with your personality and lifestyle.

Interior design – bring out the beauty of every space!

Interior design is not just choosing the right curtains and rugs. It is an intricate service that makes your apartment a coherent whole. Work on the arrangement begins at the stage of choosing the arrangement of lighting – to make its intensity fit individual rooms perfectly. Choosing furniture together with matching decorative elements which will both be tasteful and express the personality of the owner is a real challenge that can be easily tackled by a person familiar with the art of interior design. Our customers often complain about the lack of ideas, as well as the incompetent matching of individual accessories so that they form a coherent whole. Fortunately, we can do it flawlessly – trust us and you certainly won’t regret it.

Klosinscy Design – interior arrangement and design in Wroclaw

By outsourcing arrangement and interior design to our Wroclaw team, you can be sure that your home will not only look phenomenal, but also be functional and tailored just to your needs. Before we start working on your space, we are eager to learn more about your preferences during a consultation meeting, thanks to which we will surely appeal to your taste and make the final effect delight you.

Once we have outlined the overall design, we will show you our proposals and suggestions in the form of drawings and visualizations, so that you know exactly what we aim to execute. We will set a cost estimate and jointly choose an implementation time convenient to both parties.

Interior design Wroclaw - trust the professionals

With our help, each space will take on a different character and will match the personality of the owner entirely. We approach each client individually and professionally – we advise and present the best solutions, but at the same time we are focused on dialogue, thanks to which the interior will fully reflect your character. Our interior design office in Wroclaw is open to meetings with clients. We are a family-run company that combines professionalism with a real passion to create – this makes each of our projects unique.

Contact us to make an appointment – together we will find the best solutions for your space and make your apartment shine again, so that you can finally feel comfortable in it. Go for individuality, taste and character in your interior – with Klosinscy Design you can have all and we will be happy to let it happen for you!

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Project of an apartment 2

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