There are rooms in every apartment, the appearance of which is not always paid much attention to, but which are a kind of the centre of life of the household. Without doubt such a meeting place could be a kitchen, wrongly underestimated and marginalized in many projects. Fortunately custom-made kitchens we engineer inside and around Wroclaw seem to all be but an exception to this rule. And rightly so! It is not only the living room or the atmospheric bathroom with a private jacuzzi which deserve a unique interior arrangements. The design process should apply to the entire household space, regardless of whether we mean a studio apartment in the suburbs or a penthouse with a terrace in the heart of the American metropolis. This belief is the reason we design customized kitchen furniture in Wroclaw.

We follow closely all new trends in design, simultaneously trying to make our projects more than a purely artistic phenomenon. There is a misconception about design, by which the visual aspects of kitchen furniture and interiors are ignored at the expense of purely functional values. Yet a profesional design means the harmony between good style and functionality of the rooms, such as the kitchen.

Is it worth to go for custom-made kitchen furniture?

The answer is of course yes! There is no doubt that nowadays choosing a customized kitchen is not a fad, but necessity. The market is flooded with thousands of ready solutions “matching every interior”. Unfortunately the reality is that if something is dedicated to everything, in practice it does not match anything.

This is also the case with any revolution having to do with kitchen interior design. It is solely a good project and customization which is essential to create a place both pleasing to the eye and, above all, functional, the two qualities which will be the source of the user satisfaction for many long years. It doesn’t matter whether you have the whole kitchen room or just a, so called, „kitchen island” in mind – matching all elements plays a key role here. It should also be remembered that the room where you prepare your meals does not only consist of a few pieces of furniture and walls. It is a complicated ecosystem built of doors, windows, home and kitchen appliances and electronics, as well as all kinds of piping and wires – water, energy and gas. As you can imagine, without a good sense of the architect handy, it is difficult to arrange every part into an efficient and effective, as well as coherent, body. Especially when choosing the so-called “store ready” products. Specially designated and customized solutions are the only right way.

Captivating and unique kitchen interiors

It is impossible to stand out if we draw from the same sources, would you agree? If we keep buying in the same furniture stores, what we do is replicate identical styles and patterns over and over. The same piece of furniture in two different spaces will still be the same piece of furniture. The kitchen is a room with specific environmental conditions.

The distribution of various elements of equipment will also affect the selection of raw materials from which furniture should be made. The solution of this puzzle comes only with the help of a skilled interior designer. So whether you love classic, modern, minimalist interiors or you are interested in eclecticism and mixing different styles, custom-made furniture is always the best choice that will pay off in the future. Bear that in mind and we guarantee you will not be disappointed. We also cordially invite you to use our design services.